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Bucket Rentals

Collecting money in the union is a great way to fundraise – you can rent out collection tins and buckets from the RAG office to help you do this. However this is hugely popular, so here’s a few guidelines to ensure you can get your slot:

  • When you rent a bucket from Leeds RAG, a committee member will label and seal the bucket for you. You must not re-label, remove the label, or break the seal.
  • You’ll need to pay a £5 deposit when you collect your bucket
  • Only one bucket may be circulating in the union at a time, with a maximum of two people collecting. Collections outside campus will need permission from that location (you may need a permit—more on this later).
  • You may say the name of the charity in an attempt to get people to donate but never approach people directly and ask for money as this is against the law.
  • Even though it is called ‘bucket-shaking’, you must never shake the bucket/tin. It is considered aggressive and is illegal—authorities will challenge you if you are caught doing this.
  • Avoid people who are drunk or aggressive—never jeopardise your personal safety.
  • When asked where the money is going, give an accurate account of how the money is distributed.
  • You must not drink alcohol when collecting, even if you are in a bar or pub.
  • Any money collected in a RAG bucket or tin will be banked in the RAG office and monies will be forwarded to the appropriate charity

You will be asked to sign an agreement that you will adhere to the above guidelines before your bucket leaves the office.

To book a slot for bucket shaking, please click the book appointment button below.

This will take you to our booking system so you can choose a time slot which suits you.

Alternatively, contact e.h.boodhoo@leeds.ac.uk to arrange a time to collect the bucket if your slot is outside of 9.30-5. If you complete the bucket shake after this time, take the bucket to union security staff at the end of the evening to be stored in the night safe – do not carry them home.