RAG Office Leeds University Union University Square Leeds LS2 9JZ


We support a wide range of local, national and international charities throughout the year and since 2012, our members have raised over £1 million for different charities in 18 countries!

Unlike other student fundraising organisations, we do not have set annual charity partners for whom we split the lump sum of our fundraising at the end of each year. Leeds RAG allows the individual organisers, leaders and directors of each hitch, challenge, event or raid to choose the charity that they fundraise for, giving them incentive to raise more and greater ownership over their projects. The exception to this rule is the international volunteering projects, on which we work with the same or similar charities and projects around the world to work towards a sustainable influence each summer.

One aspect of our fundraising that we are particularly proud and fond of is the Leeds RAG Community Fund. This pot of money is raised throughout the year in a variety of ways, such as fundraising during RAG Week, tins in essentials throughout the year and generous donations from the University libraries. It is then distributed in the form of grants (ranging from £250 to £1000) to charities and charitable organisations in the Leeds area who have a turnover of less than £100,000 per year. The charities themselves apply for these grants and are those who are successful are invited to the annual Community Fund Presentation Afternoon in May when we present them with cheques and hear how the money will be spent. Last year we donated £17,965.00 to 29 Leeds charities and groups.