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Our Ethos

Leeds RAG Ethos

Committee 2016/17

Leeds RAG is the official fundraising society of Leeds University Union. It is a student-led, student-orientated society which works to facilitate the fundraising of large amounts of money for a variety of causes, whilst providing students with exciting experiences to help them love their time at Leeds. These experiences include taking part in fundraising activities themselves (projects, challenges, hitches, raids, campaigns and events), as well as giving members the opportunity to develop vocational skills alongside their degree through leadership and the experience of organising charitable events.

We aim to work with responsible partners and run all of our activities ‘in-house’. Thus, we can provide ample opportunities for our members to engage in the fundraising process and minimise expenses. This also ensures the development and sustainability of our fundraising activities for future years. The only exceptions to this are expeditions Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp, where we use companies based in Kenya and Nepal respectively to ensure the upmost safety of our participants whilst supporting the local economy.

Leeds RAG exists to facilitate the fundraising activities of students at the University of Leeds. We actively pursue collaborations with other societies in Leeds University Union as well as RAG societies across the country. We seek to develop new and inclusive fundraising opportunities for all, including smaller challenges with lower expenses.

Year on year, we strive to support a wide variety of local, national and international charities that are important to our members and other students who fundraise with us. We allow the individual organisers, leaders and directors of all our events to choose the charity they fundraise for, giving them greater ownership over their project and incentive to raise more. The only exception to this rule is our international volunteering projects, on which we work with the same charities and projects around the world to work towards a sustainable influence each year. We put the profile of these charities at the centre of our society in order to raise both awareness and funds for a range of causes. Furthermore we aim to provide support for as wide a range of charities as we can; we are therefore sometimes unable to support one charity for a continual period.

Leeds RAG does not align itself to any political party.