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What does your FAQ concern?


What is Leeds RAG and what do we do?

Leeds RAG (Raise and Give) is Leeds University Union’s official fundraising body. We’re also one of the biggest, oldest (and best) societies at Leeds Uni. We originally got our name by giving old clothes to charity, but we’ve come a long way since then. These days we fundraise in a variety of ways to support local, national and international charities; since 2012 we have raised an impressive £1,000,000 for over 120 charitable causes across the globe.

But that’s only part of what we do. Alongside raising and giving, we offer you the chance to take part in experiences that you’ll never forget. Whether it’s pushing yourself to the limit with our challengesvolunteering abroadhitchhiking across Europe, or coming along to one of our fantastic Leeds-based events, there are loads of opportunities to get involved. What’s more, you’ll meet some awesome and like-minded people along the way.

The thing that makes Leeds RAG so special is that we’re a society run entirely by students, for students; where possible, we do not outsource the organisation of  our events to external companies, which keeps registration fees as low as possible and gives students greater opportunities and responsibility, making RAG leadership a truly CV worthy experience. At the same time we provide constant support to our leaders and volunteers and recognise the necessary balance to be found between RAG and academic work! We’re always looking for new leaders and organisers to run our incredible events, so drop one of our managers from the RAG Committee an email if you’re interested.

How do I get involved?

There are so many different ways to get involved, ranging from organising an event, to leading a project, challenge or hitch. Just email the relevant committee member.

RAG is one of the largest societies at LUU with around 1000 members each year. You can get your membership online – just click here to go to the Union website. Once you’ve become a member, you can take part in everything you find on this website. If you have any questions, check out our specific FAQ pages below, drop as an email or pop into the RAG office for a chat. There’ll also be lots of intro meetings throughout the year. Once you know what you’d like to do, you can sign up online on RAG’s page on the LUU website.

Otherwise, you can join us at one of our sell-out events. Check out the pages of this website, plus our Facebook and Twitter  for more details.

How do I find out more?

The website will feature regular news and updates, you can also keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter.

You can find all our Committee members’ email addresses on the Committee page. They all check our emails regularly and are happy to answer any queries, whatever the question.

Alternatively, drop by the RAG office on level 2 in the Union to chat to our resident Coordinator Beth– we’re open 10am-3pm Monday to Friday. You can also call the RAG office on 0113 3801327

If you want to find out more about what we do and how we work, email this year’s President, Gavin.

How is RAG run?

We’re a totally self-funded society, run by students, for students. RAG’s fundraising total figure is directly donated to charities and charitable causes. We cover our various admin costs through ‘RAGmin’, which is included in our Challenge, Project and Hitch registration and membership fees. We want to make RAG as cheap and as transparent as possible so everyone can get involved and know where our money goes. Please see the finances page for more information.

Leeds RAG is run by an 17-person elected student committee. The Coordinator (this year Liz) is a full-time position, employed by RAG to organise the day-to-day running of the society. She’s in the office Monday to Friday, so drop in for chat or to ask any questions.
Apart from our Committee, we have over 70 leaders and organisers of our ChallengesProjectsHitches and Events, and 100s of volunteers and participants who work under these leaders to make the fundraising we do a reality. If you’d like to be a leader or organiser, email our Managers.

The Website, Facebook & Twitter

I’ve organised my own fundraising event, can you help me promote it?

Of course! Let Isabella- our Communications Coordinator – know your plans by giving her an email. Please allow a few days between contacting and the event. Alternatively, tag us in your posts for a share or RT.

I’ve got some photos that would look great on the website, who do I send them to?

Great! We’d love to see them, please send them to Isabella by emailing comms@leedsrag.org.uk or tweet us the photo @LeedsRAG


How much does it cost to go and see events?

This is different for certain events but for majority it costs £3.50 for RAG members and £4 for non-RAG members. The main exception is the Fashion Show, for which prices vary annually.

I want to help organise and event. How do I get involved?

Simply email Erin and Meg, our event managers who are still recruiting for most of the events in 2016/17 – events@leedsrag.org.uk


How do I apply to take part in a project?

Please contact Imogen and Kirstie on projects@leedsrag.org.uk or email any of the project leaders on the specific email addresses you will find on the project pages of this website.

What does each project entail and which charity do we work with?

The charities and activities are different for each project, ranging from teaching English with SKIP (Supporting Kids in Peru) in South America to building schools with SoftPower Education in Uganda – have a look through the individual project pages on this website.

What are the fundraising deadlines?

Talk to  the projects managers or individual project leaders to confirm all deadlines.

How many people go on each project?

– Uganda Project: around 80, spread across 2 trips
– Thailand Project: approx 20, spread over 2 trips
– Peru Project: approx 40, spread across 2 trips
-India Project: approx 10

Can I travel on my own or with friends after the project?

Yes – how you spend your time before and after the project is completely up to you, just keep us up to date with your plans or come to us for some travel tips.

Will I need to get travel vaccinations?

Most likely, contact your doctor for advice

Community Fund

What is the Community Fund?

Leeds RAG’s Community Fund is a pool of money collected throughout the year, distributed predominantly to small charities and organisations in Leeds, typically with annual turnovers of less than £100,000. Visit the CF’s own page on this website for more information.

Where does the money come from?

The pot of money that makes up the Community Fund
However, in 2011/12 we collaborated with the University libraries to get all library fines that were paid off during our RAG week donated to the fund, raising over £17,000! We hope to do something similar this year.

Who does the money go to?

Rachel, the Community Fund Coordinator on our committee, is responsible for allocating the money out to different charities in different sized grants, appropriate to the specific projects for which the charities apply for the funding. We try to make our judgements as fair as possible and we welcome applications from as diverse a range of charities as possible.

How can I apply?

An application form will be available here soon!

Who can I contact for more information?

Rachel – communityfund@leedsrag.org.uk

When is the deadline for applications?

As yet, this is unconfirmed, but will be some time prior to the Easter holidays and applicants will receive notification as soon as possible after this time.

When will the grants be awarded?

The Community Fund presentation afternoon is held during Leeds University Union’s Celebrate Week (usually in May) and is attended by incoming and outgoing committee, the Chief Executive of Leeds University Union, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University, as well as a number of other guests. Recipients are free to make a short speech if they wish after collecting their cheque. The event is always well attended and a good opportunity to raise awareness of a number of local charities and organisations. Light refreshments will be provided by the committee.

How much money is awarded?

Grants last year were anything up to £1000, depending on the application and charities’ requests

How is the money paid?

Successful applicants will receive their grants via a BACS transfer.


What is a raid?

A “raid” is another word for a street collection. Typically raids take place in other cities across the UK (hence the name!), but we hold some around Leeds too. There is almost always a fancy dress code (FACT: people in great fancy dress always get the most money in their bucket) and you can celebrate and relax with your fellow raiders on a night out back in Leeds or in the host city.

Who can go on a raid?

Everyone! Unlike some of our RAG events that require membership, absolutely anyone can come on a raid, making it the perfect taster of RAG!

What raids are planned for this year?

Currently in the pipeline for Spring 2017 is a raid to Edinburgh as well as a couple in and around Leeds. Victoria is also planning a blind raid where volunteers board a blacked-out bus, turn off their GPS and only find out the destination city on arrival! Watch out for more info or get in touch with Victoria on raids@leedsrag.org.uk.

How much does it cost to go on a raid?

This differs from raid to raid, depending on transport costs but we will keep costs it as low as possible.

I am from a charity looking to put on a street collection in Leeds. Can you help?

Email Victoria at raids@leedsrag.org.uk

Can I put on my own raid?

As an individual or an LUU society we’d be happy to help you organise a raid of your own to support the charity of your choice, but we’ll need lots of notice to do so!

Can I be involved with the organisation of raids?

Yes – organising and leading raids looks good on a CV and is a great way to get involved in RAG; we are always looking to recruit people to help out so if you’re game, get in touch.


What challenges do Leeds RAG offer?

We run a wide range of challenges. This year, we’re doing:

  • Bike to Barcelona
  • Bike to Berlin
  • Pedal to Prague
  • National Three Peaks
  • Yorkshire Three Peaks
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Everest Basecamp
  • Skydive
  • Gorilla Trek

Can I take part in a challenge?

Yes, all our extreme and endurance challenges are a chance for you to push yourself and achieve incredible things… all for a good cause! We’ve got a whole host of incredible things for you to try; from Skydiving to cycling across Europe, you’ll have the time of your life!

You don’t have to have any experience to take part in a challenge – we’ll help to make sure you’re up to the challenge by running regular training events. The only requirement is that you are a RAG member.

If you’re not sure which challenge you’d like to take part in, call into the RAG office for a chat about the ones you are interested in.

Can I lead a challenge?

Yes! We’re always looking for members to help organise our events. You don’t necessarily have to have done the challenge to lead it, or even taken part in any RAG events before; we are just looking for highly motivated and organised individuals who have a friendly attitude and are passionate about the event.
Please email the extreme.challenges@leedsrag.org.uk and/ or endurance.challenges@leedsrag.org.uk for more information about current vacancies for both this year and next year.

Can I be on the support team for a challenge?

Yes! We wouldn’t be able to run our challenges without help from our incredible support teams. They drive the vans and minibuses, put up tents, cook food and make sure that the events run as smoothly as possible.

We’re currently recruiting for support teams for Bike to Berlin, Tour to France, Coast to Coast and National/ Yorkshire Three Peaks. If you’re interested, email endurance.challenges@leedsrag.org.uk for more information.

How much does it cost?

We charge expenses to cover the cost of running the challenge. These typically include food, accommodation and vehicle hire. Different challenges have different amounts of expenses. Further details about the amount of expenses can be found on each event’s page.

We always try and keep the costs of challenges as low as possible. If there is any money left after the challenge and it amounts to more than £20 per person, you will be reimbursed. If it amounts to less than £20 per person the money will be donated to the charity.

Expenses are not refundable if you drop out of taking part in a challenge unless your place is replaced by someone on the waiting list. To ensure that all of the money raised goes to charitable causes and doesn’t cover costs such as travel, we keep expenses and fundraising separate.

What is the registration fee for challenges?

When you sign up to take part in a challenge, you will have to pay a registration fee. The registration fee for all challenges is £35.
The registration fee helps to cover our day to day running costs. These include the salary for our full time coordinator, stationary, phone calls and printing costs. Registration fees are not refundable unless there are medical reasons (for which proof may be required) or if the event reaches capacity and we are able to fill your place.

How much do I have to raise?

Different challenges have different amounts of minimum required fundraising – please see individual challenge pages on this website for more information. The minimum fundraising amounts have been set to reflect the difficulty of the challenge.
You must meet the minimum fundraising amount to be able to take part in the challenge.

Which charities do challenges raise money for?

Each challenge raises money for a different charity. To find out which charity a specific challenge raises money for, please visit the event’s own page. The charities are chosen by the leaders.

What will I need?

Certain challenges have specific equipment requirements. For example, to take part in the bike rides you will need your own road bike with helmet, lights etc. Further information can be found by speaking to the leaders.