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Our Finances

About RAGmin

Leeds RAG is a self funded society and our running costs (RAGmin) are covered by membership fees, a cut of registration fees for hitches, projects and challenges (see registration terms and conditions for details), and corporate sponsorship. RAG is an open and transparent society, strictly not-for-profit, and re-invests any annual excess back into the society. Leeds RAG works to ensure RAGmin is kept to a minimum. The RAGmin breakdown below illustrates RAG’s budgeted expenditure for 2014-15.


Salary for RAG’s full-time Coordinator:

Our full-time RAG coordinator is required to coordinate the daily running of our society and provide full-time, additional support to us all. As a society and not a body of Leeds University Union, RAG is required to self-fund this role, done so through RAGmin.

Publicity and Advertising:

RAG mags, flyers and posters are some of the ways RAG captures student attention and promote the incredible RAG events and causes that our members support.

Society Events:

The Freshers Intro Party to launch our year, money behind the bar at the Christmas social, and the RAG Awards! All annuals.

Fundraising Events:

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t invest any money in fundraising! We fund our Firewalk to ensure all fundraising can go to charity, subsidise raids and halls events, provide you with buckets and put on RAG Week.

Committee and TL Training:

To ensure we’re professional and organised to run the society we have a handover weekend and Team Leader training day. We also go to conferences to discuss best practice and represent our RAG on a national scale.

Membership Package:

Our members make the society what it is. We have membership t-shirts to make us distinctive when fundraising and around campus. We also look for other fun stuff to include in the membership package each year.

Office/Running Costs:

Printing, telephone, our website host, stationary, etc. Only the essentials.