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Jailbreak (1)

48 hours to escape from Leeds with little more than your thumbs, an orange t-shirt and a toothbrush. Where will you find yourself this Easter? For many years Jailbreak has challenged the best to bargain their way out of Leeds and across the world in the name of charity. The world record was set a few years ago when Cambridge students successfully guessed Richard Branson’s email address who was so impressed that he rewarded them with return tickets to Sydney! At Leeds, some have reached Budapest, Amsterdam and Paris; while others have conquered Tenerife, Canada and even New York. Where will your powers of persuasion take you?

Be part of the annual campus-wide frenzy which  trended on Twitter last year. One team was even sponsored £500 by One Direction’s very own Harry Styles! http://leedsragjailbreak.tumblr.com/



Before you set off on what will be an unforgettable adventure to faraway lands solely on the generosity of the magnificent people you will meet, you simply need to raise as much money as you can for the charity of your own choosing.


10am on 21st March – 10am on 23rd March 2016

Minimum Sponsorship/Fundraising:


Optional Expenses:



Your choice!

Sign-up deadline:

Friday 19th February

For more information contact:

leedsrag.jailbreak@gmail.com (alternatively hitches@leedsrag.org.uk)

Registration Fee:

Only £25. Includes your hitch t-shirt, an information pack, plenty of build up socials, involvement in one of the biggest events across UK campuses and lots of fun all over the world!

You must be a RAG member to participate in this hitch.

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“It was the most unbelievable experience. It managed to be one of the most exhausting and stressful days of my life, whilst simultaneously being one of the best and most rewarding days. We had very low expectations for our final destination based on our non-existent hitchhiking skills so doubted that we would  even get out of Leeds. But we found it easier than we expected as so many different people were so supportive and generous.”  Crissy Hall, 2015 Participant



“Taking part in Jailbreak was both an incredibly challenging and exceptionally rewarding experience. It provided the opportunity to meet a diversity of people, employ our skills of persuasion, and travel to unknown places. Most of all, Jailbreak allowed us raise money for a fantastic cause and have an amazing time doing it!” Kate Noonan, 2012 Participant

new york


You must be a RAG member to sign up to this event. Please go to http://www.leedsuniversityunion.org.uk/groups/rag/ to get membership and register for the Leeds RAG Jailbreak!

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