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Hitch Hike around Europe from Leeds.

The catch? You don’t know where you’ll be going next!


You’ll be racing the other participants from city to city and be given tasks to complete along the way with prizes to be won by the fastest team each day . Challenge yourself with a new and exciting hitchhike whilst raising money for ReachOUT. You’ll be going to at least 4 major European cities- what’s keeping you from taking on this fun adventure?



Start date:

22nd March 2016

Registration fee:


Minimum Fundraising Amount:



ReachOUT – this charity works with LBGT+ refugees and asylum seekers who have come to the UK to escape the persecution they faced based on their sexuality and/ or gender identity.


For more information about this charity: http://www.reachoutleeds.org/

Sign-up deadline:

Friday 12th February 5pm


If you’re interested in this exciting hitch, please email: leedsrag.wanderlust@gmail.com

Sign up today: https://www.luu.org.uk/groups/rag/
You must be a RAG member to participate in this hitch.

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