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The Cambodia Project



Provisional Dates:

25th June – 26th August 2016



This is a truly unique once in a lifetime opportunity, not to be missed! This international volunteering project involves volunteers teaching and running a summer school, delivering workshops and activities linked to the hobbies/interests of the volunteers , supporting the building of the school, creating and producing a film project from scratch and much more… Weekends are reserved for exploring the countries scenic landscapes and visiting its culturally rich towns and cities, immersing oneself into the countries colourful night life and much more…


For more information about the charity visit: http://seametreycambodia.org


Fundraising Breakdown:

£300 – Construction materials for building the secondary school to open up secondary education for older children

£200 – Construction of the school health centre to give medical support, intervention and diagnosis to locals and children at the school.

£100 – Resources: for the library, for a new school computer, stationary to run the school throughout the year, activity puzzles and more.

£75 – immunisations for the children at the school (Hep B, Hep A, Rabies, DTP, tetanus), medical check ups, mosquito nets for families, health & hygiene kits, on site defibrillator and first aid equipment.

£25 – Water filter and clean water pipe to be put in and extended and made available on school site for locals and the school/volunteers quarters.


If you’re still interested and want to find out what last year’s group got up to visit this blog:



For more information email: projects@leedsrag.org.uk or follow the Facebook page: Leeds RAG Cambodia Project 2015