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The India Project

After an extremely successful first year, 2016 will see 2 groups of 10 volunteers heading out to the Ahmednagar district of India over the Easter holidays for 2 weeks at a time to volunteer with the charity Snehalaya.


India, Ahmednagar


Group 1: 19th March-2nd April 2016.

Group 2: 2nd April-15th April 2016.



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The  India project is full of reward and new experiences, with a great focus on Youth Empowerment in the harder to reach rural regions of India.  Offering a broad variety of projects to support run by Snehalaya (Home of Love). This project seeks to provide a positive and supportive home life for India’s hidden population working with Sex Workers, their Children and the many Abandoned Infants in the area.  The project really displays a model village in harmonious practise.  Living on campus where a cluster of cores projects are located, you will live work and play with the children from the primary school (mix of private, Snehalaya resident and slum based children), the long term care children (there are 300 of them!) and the organisations Head Office.  Mingling with the management and national volunteers you will really experience the busy hub of a nationally recognised institution.  For the more adventurous, trips to the adoption centre, bio-farm and in town IT centre are daily options.

The £400 funding that volunteers raise before travelling will be put towards the daily running of the adoption centre and with full sign up to this project your efforts could help build a much needed NICU (Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit) in the new Adoption Centre that is being built in 2016.

How your fundraising can help at Snehalaya’s adoption centre:

£5 Would provide life saving formula and nappies for a new born for a week

£18 Pays for a premature infants vital care plan for a week

£55 Runs our day care project to feed 200 children and a safe invigilated place for study or relax

£80 Provides an ostracised expectant mother all her health screenings throughout her pregnancy

£800 Ensures our adoption centre has a much needed new incubator

£1000 Pays the wages of a teacher in our primary school for a whole year

‘The Leeds RAG India project was one of the most incredible things I have ever done; the opportunity to meet and spend time with such brave children taught us all so much whilst also having so much fun with them. The sense of achievement that you’re leaving a positive impact on people’s lives is so rewarding and the sadness the people have when you leave makes you realise how much of an influence you’ve had on them. It also make you realise how lucky you are.

Added to that, being able to visit beautiful sites, enjoying India’s unique culture, and of course food, and exploring Mumbai makes the trip extremely worthwhile, whilst the friends you make feel like they will remain for life.

2 weeks fly by, and I speak on behalf of the group when I say I would love to go back and do it all over again.’


Avi Sethi – Volunteer 2015


Established in 1989, Snehalaya supports the women, children and LGBT communities affected by poverty and the commercial sex industry in rural India. You’ll support their work by running activities for the resident children and those who attend the charity’s very own school, working at Snehalaya’s sustainable bio-farm, and visiting the adoption centre your fundraising helps to run.