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The Uganda Project

Spend the summer of a life time volunteering in rural Uganda! Spend the weekdays helping to build a school whilst taking part in unforgettable activities on the weekend!


Bulisa District, Uganda, East Africa


Month 1: 25/06/2016 – 23/07/2016

Month 2: 23/07/2016 – 20/08/2016

(If you are graduating you can come in Month Two)

Minimum Fundraising:


Charity:soft power

Soft Power Education

To find out more about the charity visit: http://softpowereducation.com/

SPE Living On Site from Soft Power Education on Vimeo.


For more information contact:

leedsrag.uganda@gmail.com (alternatively projects@leedsrag.org.uk)

Registration Fee:


Minimum Sponsorship/Fundraising



Celebrating its 12th year, the Uganda project continues to be a unique life-changing experience for every volunteer and continues to support the fantastic and holistic projects run by the British registered Ugandan charity, Soft Power Education. This project aims to improve the structures and facilities for primary school children in rural Uganda.

The project is the perfect combination of work hard, play hard – during the week you’ll live with the locals, doing anything from making bricks, foundations or walls, to painting classrooms, teaching, and playing with the kids. On the weekends, take a well-earned rest in one of the local clubs (now there’s a sight!), see African animals on a safari, go chimp trekking, visit one of the world’s most powerful waterfalls, or just hang loose with a cold African beer. As well as making a substantial addition to Soft Power’s progress each summer, the duration of the project also provides both the Ugandan communities and the Leeds students the opportunities to learn and explore different cultures.

A Day In The Life

The day would start when the school children arrived at the school at about 8am. Before we would start our daily building work we would have a variety of local fresh fruits including mangos, bananas and pineapple alongside pancakes or chapatti. After our morning routine of washing, brushing our teeth behind the classroom and long drops our day would start! We work with a team of Ugandan builders to help out in whatever way we could! Our jobs would vary day to day but would typically involve brick making, brick laying, digging, cement making, making foundations or painting. The builders would always be there to guide us. We would then have lunch off when it was too hot too work. Lunch was usually rice, beans and cabbage. We could use the time we had off at lunch to read, play card games with the builders or play with the children. After lunch we would get back to work to finish the jobs for the day. At the end of the day we sometimes organize a reading class for the children. After dinner we would play games, go down to the local market or stargaze.

Weekend Activities

At the Weekends, you’ll get the opportunity to branch out and see more of what Uganda has to offer. You’ll be able to go Rhino and Chimp trekking, where you’ll be able to see some of Africa’s most endangered species; not to mention a safari, where you’ll see a wide range of other animals, including elephants, Giraffes, and you might even be lucky enough to see a lion! After all of this, there’s the option to go white water rafting on the river Nile. Aside from these activities, the weekends are an incredible opportunity to relax, have a beer, and experience a little bit more of Uganda.


What Your Money Goes To

  • £2.50 will buy 100 bricks
  • £5 will buy a shovel or four litres of paint
  • £10 will pay the wage of a tradesman for one week
  • £20 will provide six tonnes of building sand
  • £40 will buy a load (8 tonnes) of lake sand or building aggregate
  • £50 will buy a 1,000 litre water catchment tank
  • £100 will pay three teachers’ wages at one of SPE’s preschools
  • £1,000 will refurbish a two classroom primary school block




 “The Uganda Project is the most amazing way to spend your summer! You get to meet the most remarkable people and do the most incredible things you wouldn’t have the chance to do otherwise. You get to fully immerse yourself in a community and give back. The day to day work would vary, it was sometimes challenging but always doable and the builders on site would help you whenever you needed it. I’m still friends with everyone I met on the project and we meet up back in Leeds. The project really helps you to see a different side of life. Off site we took part in safari, white water rafting, rhino trekking and chimp trekking. The weekends are the perfect time to relax and see the country! The month a spent volunteering in Uganda flew by which is why I chose to go back and lead the project.” – Laura Hickley, Volunteer 2014 & Leader 2015

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